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The SAT! Campus visits! Interviews! Applications! Are you freaking out yet?

No need to worry. Susanna Short, an educational strategist located in Morris and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey, has helped hundreds of students to raise their test scores and navigate the college admission process. Susanna has a wealth of experience in the industry and has established a reputation for excellence and success. She can help you to get “the big envelope” from the colleges of your choosing.

Student profile

There is no standard mold for the type of student served by The Big Envelope. Some students begin with a baseline SAT score of 2300 (out of 2400) while others start with a 1000 on the same scale. Susanna’s teaching background enables her to assist students with a variety of learning differences and LD classifications as well as students who have been classified as mentally gifted. Some students consider only Ivy League colleges while others hope to gain acceptance to a lower tier college. Susanna’s expertise extends to all kinds of students, and she enjoys and appreciates each one.

Test prep services

In a perfect world, SATs would not exist. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect. Since the SATs are a necessary evil, Susanna Short has developed a strategic approach for beating the reading, writing, and math sections of the test. Her strategies have helped her clients to realize an average increase of 300 points after going through her prep program. Test preparation is offered in three formats: private instruction, small group programs, and classes of eight students. To learn more about Susanna’s offerings and availability, CLICK HERE.

College admission advising

College admission is an increasingly competitive phenomenon. More students are going to college than ever before, and standards have been raised across the board. Schools that were “safeties” ten or even five years ago have become “reach” schools. Students seek out The Big Envelope’s services to relieve some of the stress of the overwhelming process and to receive helpful tips and strategies for optimizing chances of admission. Susanna empowers students in an accessible, personalized manner. To learn more about how Susanna can assist you in the college admission process, CLICK HERE.

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CristinI honestly do not know what I would have done if I had not worked with Susanna. There are so many things she helped me to do that I never would have thought of on my own. I am headed to college in the fall, and I just wish I could take her with me.

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Mark your calendar: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 from 7 to 9 p.m.! Registered students will leave this 2-hour working seminar with a polished resume that can be used to fill out applications, ask teachers to write recommendation letters, meet with interviewers, and apply for scholarships.



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