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Formats & pricing

The first option is to register in a SMALL CLASS.

Courses are typically limited to eight students and never go beyond ten kids. If Susanna does not have six registered students for a particular course, it will either be canceled or be offered at a higher price. If a student’s baseline scores differ significantly from other students’ already registered in a class, Susanna will recommend another option. Since Susanna’s approach to the preparation is strategy-based, it does not matter if students have had different curriculum instruction in school. The SAT is a breed of its own.


Susanna would be happy to keep you on her waiting list.

You may prefer to coordinate a SMALL GROUP for SAT prep.

Small groups have between two and six students and are arranged by parents and students themselves.  Occasionally, Susanna receives requests for small groups from different individuals who happen to have similar scoring profiles, but there is no guarantee that she can arrange such a group. Typically, parents invite students with similar academic profiles, and then Susanna arranges scheduling to accommodate the group. This is a great option for kids who have similar sports or activities schedules. Twenty (20) hours are usually recommended to comprehensively prepare for the reading, writing, and math portions of the SAT.

Hourly rates per student are as follows:

2 students: $100
3 students: $75
4 students: $60
5 or more: $50

PRIVATE tutoring may also be an option.

To comprehensively prepare for the reading, writing, and math portions of the test, 20 hours are typically required. Private tutoring is a great option for a student who only wants to prepare in one or two of the areas or for someone who has a very difficult schedule. Susanna’s schedule for private instruction is very limited, so it is necessary to make arrangements far in advance.
Susanna’s hourly rate for private instruction is $150. Due to increased demand, Susanna has very limited availability for private tutoring. Typically, the hours between 3 and 5 p.m. are reserved for private instruction, since groups and courses logistically work best in the evenings.

*For private and small group tutoring, there is also a one-time materials fee of $30. Practice tests, offered periodically throughout the year and held off-site (i.e. not at Susanna's office), cost $30 for materials, proctoring, and scoring.

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