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More fun than you ever thought you could have with a Number 2 pencil!

There are so many options when it comes to preparing for the SAT—neighborhood tutors, big-name companies, community courses, and more. Susanna has tutored many students who have come to her after completing other programs without any change in their scores. She is familiar with the content and approach of these other options and has developed a program that is superior in methodology, philosophy, and results.

300-point average increase:

This average is well above the claims made by certain big-name companies. Additionally, Susanna’s statistics are based primarily on students from Morris County, New Jersey. Since baseline scores in this neck of the woods are typically well above average, Susanna’s results are particularly impressive. Other companies (whose increases are much lower than Susanna’s anyway) include trends in areas where students begin with much lower scores, leaving more room for dramatic improvement.

Rave reviews

To say that Susanna’s approach is “fun” is an understatement. She understands the pressures and concerns facing high school students and makes the process as painless as possible. She genuinely enjoys the work that she does and that attitude translates into a positive experience for her students. Her relationships with her students continue even after they have finished with her program.

Susanna’s teaching background

Many test prep companies hire college students to teach their classes. Susanna herself worked as an SAT teacher during college. Many companies also hire professionals who have an understanding of the content on the SAT but no teaching experience. One such company recently advertised a reception for people with no teaching experience who could “come in for coffee and leave with a job.” Susanna’s teaching background and innate teaching sensibilities allows her to serve each one of her students in an individualized, tailored way. She is very aware that a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply will not benefit every student. Although she has developed standard strategies for beating the test, she meets the individual needs of each student. This perspective has led to Susanna’s success working with students all across the scoring spectrum.

Susanna’s obsession

Quite simply, Susanna eats, sleeps, and breathes SATs. Unlike other tutors and teachers, Susanna has made SAT prep her full-time occupation. She is up on every bit of research in the field and has honed her approach. When a new SAT book comes out, Susanna devours it, often to the amusement of her husband and friends. She enjoys the work she does because of the students she works with and the amazing results she has achieved.

ACT prep

Susanna also helps students to prepare for the ACT but on a much more limited basis than the SAT. She does not organize formal classes for ACT preparation but can arrange private instruction and small group programs. For Susanna’s analysis of the differences between the ACT and the SAT, CLICK HERE.

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For Susanna's answers to Frequently Asked Questions, CLICK HERE.

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MikeI heard a bunch of kids in my school talking about how cool their SAT teacher was. Now that I know Susanna personally, I know exactly what they meant. She makes the process fun, which I never thought would be possible for the SATs.

MichelleI will not miss the SATs, but I will miss Susanna. She is awesome!

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formats & pricing

When it comes to SAT prep with Susanna, there are three main options. The average increase (300 points) and teaching strategies remain the same whether a student chooses a small class, small group, or private instruction format. To learn more, CLICK HERE.