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From students

Lauren Susanna, I just found out that I got the scholarship you helped me to apply for. I just want to let you know that you are such an important person in my life and you mean so much to me.

Chelsea Susanna, you were a great teacher and you also became a great friend. I know that you really cared about me and wanted me to do well.

Lauren I worked with another private college counselor throughout all of high school, and my parents paid him a lot of money. When it was time to do my applications senior year, however, I was basically on my own and I had no direction from the counselor. Susanna literally came to the rescue and guided me through the application process. I was accepted at my top choice!

Matt When my friends were stressing out about college stuff, I was so much more relaxed. I had Susanna.

Nicole I can always get in touch with Susanna - whether it is through an email, a voicemail, or a text.

Mike I heard a bunch of kids in my school talking about how cool their SAT teacher was. Now that I know Susanna personally, I know exactly what they meant. She makes the process fun, which I never thought would be possible for the SATs.

Michelle I will not miss the SATs, but I will miss Susanna. She is awesome!

Oren Susanna’s office is friendly and inviting. It is a good place to learn, but it does not feel like school.

From parents

Thanks so much for the support you gave L. this past year. She grew really fond of you, and I am so grateful for the guidance you gave her.

J. is thrilled with the way his essays turned out. He can’t even talk about the one without laughing hysterically. You helped him to gain so much confidence in his writing. Thanks!
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41 East Mill Road
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